Altergy Systems designs and manufactures the Freedom Power™ Series of fuel cell power systems. These compact, rugged, high efficiency systems produce power at the point of use — making reliable, distributed power generation a reality.

Telecommunications, emergency response, data centers, and other mission-critical applications benefit greatly from the uninterrupted, on-demand power made possible by Altergy’s innovative fuel cell systems.  Motive, peak shaving/demand management and residential applications will soon benefit as well from the use of Altergy’s innovative fuel cell systems.

Altergy’s patented and validated technology breaks critical fuel cell barriers and shifts not one but three existing paradigms: the perception that all fuel cells are expensive; how fuel cells are designed, manufactured and used; and, of greatest significance, how the 21st century world will be powered.

Not only are Altergy’s products rugged and reliable, they can be cost-effectively mass produced.