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Fuel cells can replace grid electricity for dedicated, on-site, premium-power generation at “critical load” facilities. Critical load facilities include data centers with electronic equipment, servers, and other computing activities; high-volume financial processing centers; defense or security communications facilities; air traffic control centers; and prisons and remote law enforcement campuses—places where grid failure, even for a short time, can result in significant financial loss or security vulnerability.

In these applications, fuel cells can provide high-quality, reliable, grid-independent, on-site power, with reduced emissions over conventional power technologies. In addition, waste heat from fuel cells can be captured to provide heating and cooling of ancillary equipment and facilities, increasing energy efficiency to as high as 85%. These fuel cell systems can also enhance grid reliability—the on-site power generation augments grid electricity, making it available for other demands in grid-deficit areas of the country.

Plus, in areas where a company’s demand charged is based on the highest kilowatt demand reached during intervals frequently set at 15 minutes, reducing demand for even a few minutes could save thousands of dollars.

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