Altergy’s Sales Team
SALES TEAM_Photos_Michael
Michael Balter
VP of Sales & Business Development

“After great success at Intel, I never thought I would find another technology I would feel passionate about. I was wrong.”

Michael’s sales management experience started at Intel where he came to specialize in introducing new technologies to the market and helped launch two of the most common technologies in the world today: voice recognition and video conferencing. With a BS in Aeronautical Engineering from San Jose State and an MBA from Santa Clara University, Michael is an ideal mix of technical expertise and business savvy.

Michael can be reached at (503) 799-8878 or



SALES TEAM_Photos_Rick
Rick Burant
VP of Sales, Major Accounts, Telecom

“I get into trouble all the time with our engineering team because I always say “Yes” to my customer.”

Rick has been with Altergy since the very (very) beginning in 2001. His deep understanding of fuel cell technology and customer requirements from both a technical and business standpoint is unmatched in the industry. His work with major telecom carriers and cable providers throughout the world brings a unique and valuable perspective to our customers. Prior to Altergy, Rick managed sales and engineering teams delivering wireless solutions to Fortune 100 clients.

Rick can be reached at (414) 788-7738 or



SALES TEAM_Photos_Vito
Vito Coletto
Sales Director, Major Accounts, Telecom, CATV, Signaling, Residential

“It is incredible what you can accomplish when you work as a cohesive team with the customer and in the end, you do not care who gets the credit.”

For the past two decades Vito has lived in Arizona, but he stills sounds like the place he will always call home – New York.

As a degreed Electrical Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in design engineering, engineering management, sales, and sales management, Vito has worked for industry leading companies including Unisys, General Dynamics, Kohler Power Systems, and United Technologies. For the past 19 years, the bulk of his experience comes from the on-site power generation industry specifying and selling solutions for energy management and back-up power applications in commercial and industrial markets.

Vito can be reached at (480) 772-8224 or