Changing The Way The World Gets Its Power
  • Energy is essential to the quality of life.
  • Approximately 80% of energy is produced by burning fossil fuels. This releases harmful carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides, methane (carbon-based greenhouse gases GHG’s) and heat, all known to have detrimental effects on our environment, and ultimately contributing to climate change.
  • To counteract these adverse effects, a decarbonization/climate change megatrend is occurring.
  • The goal of decarbonization is to replace fossil fuels reliant systems with power produced with low carbon resources, such as renewables. Basically, electrifying everything with zero carbon power.
  • Consistent with this megatrend, macro and secular market forces worldwide are driving demand for clean energy, clean electric vehicles, and clean uninterrupted power, which in turn is driving the need for fuel cells.
  • Fuel cells can be used to power anything that requires power.

Altergy has broken through traditional technology and cost barriers to deliver the most clean, cost-effective and reliable power solutions available. Altergy’s zero-emission proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells deliver the quality on-demand power and ride-through capabilities required for telecommunications, broadband, data centers, traffic signaling, homeland security, and other essential 24/7 operations.

Altergy is the first and only company to cost-effectively mass-produce industrial-quality hydrogen fuel cells that produce no emissions. Altergy has revolutionized fuel cell design to offer power solutions that virtually eliminate pollution.

The world has been powered the same old ways for far too long. It’s time for radical change … like clean, safe, affordable power on demand… how’s that for a new reality?

Altergy’s Revolutionary Design & Innovation Keys: Reliability, Size and Cost Breakthroughs

Altergy’s Freedom Power technology is the revolutionary breakthrough behind Altergy’s clean, reliable, on-demand fuel cell solutions. Altergy’s patented design eliminates fragile, precise, expensive parts and complicated assemblies typically found in fuel cells, and instead leverages rugged, low-cost components in the first automated fuel cell assembly line in the world. Created from a fundamentally different approach, Altergy’s modular design delivers the lowest cost, most scalable and rugged fuel cell solutions available.

Freedom Power Technology Design Innovations

Altergy’s Freedom Power technology is designed to dramatically increase reliability and decrease cost, and the balance of plant features:

  • Patented compliant contacts – Radically new method of making contact between bipolar plate and membrane electrode assembly ensures superior current collection, robustness, scalability, and ease of manufacture.
  • Stainless steel plates – Altergy Freedom Power technology replaces graphite and other fragile components used in conventional fuel cells with stainless steel and highly durable components able to withstand severe environments. Altergy fuel cells have provided uninterrupted power where legacy systems have failed.
  • Lightweight, compact footprint – Freedom Power technology can be deployed on rooftops and tight spaces where batteries and generators cannot.
  • Fast start-up and extended runtimes – Freedom Power technology powers-up in about 10 seconds and can provide from hours to months of continuous operation on a single fuel fill-up.

Proven Reliable Performance

Altergy’s Freedom Power technology has replaced batteries and generators in more than 8.3 million watts of applications, logged more than 32 million hours of runtime, and even provided reliable backup power in extreme hot and cold weather and environmental conditions.

While natural disasters periodically knock out grid power, sites powered by Altergy’s Freedom Power technology experienced uninterrupted, continuous power during severe storms including:

icon-earthquake California wildfires
icon-hurricane Hurricane Joaquin
icon-earthquake Napa Valley Earthquake
icon-hurricane Hurricane Sandy

The Best Value in Backup Power

Altergy’s Freedom Power technology’s patented design can reduce total cost of ownership by about 50% or more compared to legacy technologies. Altergy’s Freedom Power technology solutions have a design life of more than 20 years, and maintenance is simply cleaning or replacing air filters once per year.



Superior Design, Superior Performance

Altergy’s advanced design leverages readily available materials and high-volume mainstream manufacturing techniques to mass-produce industrial-strength fuel cells with a compact footprint. Altergy’s Freedom Power technology increases efficiency and durability with design advances that:

  • Integrated membrane bonding. Altergy eliminates gaskets and seals by bonding membranes directly to steel plates within the cell stack.
  • Freedom Power technology employs flex-plates to maximize electrical contacts, improve energy efficiency, and eliminate the need for expensive, high-precision machine work to produce the perfectly flat surfaces required to create intimate contact with membranes in traditional fuel cells.
  • Automated assembly. Utilizing durable components and common stamped, formed and molded fabrication techniques, Freedom Power technology leverages automated robotic assembly, yields higher volume output, and delivers lower cost-per-unit performance than manually assembled conventional fuel cells.
  • Extreme scalability. With modular subassemblies, Freedom Power technology is inherently scalable from a manufacturing perspective and can be scaled in size to almost any application.


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