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Changing The Way The World Gets Its Power

Altergy has broken through traditional technology and cost barriers to deliver the most clean, cost-effective and reliable backup power solutions available. Altergy’s zero-emission proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells deliver the quality on-demand power and ride-through capabilities required for telecommunications, broadband, data centers, traffic signaling, homeland security, and other essential 24/7 operations.

Altergy is the first and only company to cost-effectively mass-produce industrial-strength hydrogen fuel cells that produce no emissions. While the U.S. EPA increases the regulations on diesel engine emissions in an effort to address climate change, Altergy has revolutionized fuel cell design to offer back-up power solutions that virtually eliminate pollution.

The world has been powered the same old ways for far too long. It’s time for radical change … like clean, safe, affordable power on demand… how’s that for a new reality?

Altergy Design Innovations

Altergy’s Freedom Power technology is designed to dramatically increase reliability and efficiency while decreasing cost, and features:

  • Patented compliant contacts – Radically new method of making contact between bipolar plate and membrane electrode assembly ensures superior current collection, robustness, scalability, and ease of manufacture.
  • Stainless steel plates– Altergy Freedom Power technology replaces flat graphite and other fragile components used in conventional fuel cells with stainless steel and highly durable components able to withstand severe environments. Altergy fuel cells have provided uninterrupted power where legacy systems have failed
  • Lightweight, compact footprint – Freedom Power technology can be deployed on rooftops and tight spaces where batteries and generators cannot.
  • Fast start-up and extended runtimes – Freedom Power technology powers-up in about 20 seconds and can provide several hours, or several months, of continuous operation.

Altergy’s advancements in hydrogen fuel cell technology are making affordable, distributed, clean power on demand at the point of use a reality. With a commitment to continued innovation, Altergy is effectively changing the way the world gets its power.


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