Proudly Active in Our Communities

Altergy employees are deeply proud of delivering products and solutions that offer great impact on our customer’s business operations as well as improve our environment with greener, more sustainable power.

But we don’t stop there.

  • With products in remote locations subject to the wrath of Mother Nature, Altergy donates to the relief funds associated with these hurricanes and floods.  Where Altergy products have sustained during these storms, we are also there to help build communities back.
  • Altergy’s commitment to our armed forces is one that keeps each and every one of us proud to call Altergy our home away from home.  Altergy supports our employees both on active duty and in the reserves.
  • Altergy employs some brilliant minds, and we like to give back to those looking to follow similar careers.  Our executives in all disciplines from marketing to engineering mentor high school and college students.  We also work with local engineering associations to encourage careers in science and engineering.

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