Altergy Systems Celebrates National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day

October 8, 2020

On October 8th, Altergy Systems will join the nation in celebrating National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day to raise awareness of the fuel cell and hydrogen industry, technologies that are providing reliable and resilient power to a range of market sectors, while strengthening America’s energy, environmental, and economic security. National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day
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Altergy Telco TCO Proves Best Value in Backup Power

May 14, 2019

Altergy’s Freedom Power technology’s patented design can reduce total cost of backup power ownership by about 60% or more compared to batteries and generators. Altergy’s solutions have a design life of more than 20 years, and maintenance is simply cleaning or replacing air filters once per year. If you’d like a customized TCO for your
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Hydrogen – The Real Energy Storage Solution

May 8, 2019

Thanks to Jack Brouwer, the Director of the National Fuel Cell Research Center at UC Irvine, for explaining the use of hydrogen as a critical part of the energy storage debate.

Congrats to DOE! Celebrating over 20 years of the Annual Merit Review & Peer Evaluation

May 2, 2019

The U.S. Department of Energy held the 2019 Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation meeting (AMR) for the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program on April 29–May 1, 2019, in Arlington, Virginia. The AMR showcased hydrogen and fuel cell projects funded by the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and the Office of Fossil
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Better Power for Modern Telco Networks

April 23, 2019

Telco’s rely on Altergy for more reliable, cleaner backup power.  Why?  Check out our latest video.

The Law Now Requires Emergency Backup Power for Assisted Living Facilities in Virginia

April 16, 2019

A new law was enacted in February – Senate Bill No. 1077 –  introduced by Sen. Howell and signed yesterday by Gov. Northam.  The legislation requires all assisted living facilities in Virginia to install and maintain adequately sized emergency generators or have the capability to accept mobile generators.  We applaud VA’s disaster preparedness planning, but do wonder why
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Ditch the Diesel – Scientist show Carbon Dioxide Levels Highest in 3M years

April 9, 2019

This recent study explains that the earth’s carbon dioxide levels are the highest in 3M years.  Sounds discouraging to those of us who are committed to clean, green energy, but don’t despair, our efforts do make an impact, but our power requirements are growing exponentially as our communication requirements have exploded.  Consider the cell towers and traffic
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Hear this! Diesel and Hydrogen Generator Side-by-side

April 2, 2019

Last weekend, the Sonoma International Film Festival featured Altergy’s whisper-quiet hydrogen fuel cell generator which powered the Tito’s food truck at the VIP tent.  Listen to this brief clip (Altergy’s in white).  The noise is coming from the diesel generator (not to mention those dirty carbon emissions).  

Holy Hydrogen! Altergy’s Mobile Generators at Sonoma Film Festival

March 26, 2019

By attending the Sonoma International Film Festival (SIFF) March 27-31, 2019, you will have the chance to see some great independent films, drink world renowned wine, and check out the service providers driving Sonoma’s ongoing commitment to clean energy. As a part of the sustainability goals of the Sonoma Film Festival, Altergy’s zero-emission portable generators will be
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Smart Customers use Federal & State Incentives to Buy Fuel Cells

March 19, 2019

Did you know that several of our customers receive Federal and State incentives for purchasing our clean fuel cells? In February 2018, Congress reinstated the Section 48 and Section 25D Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for fuel cells for businesses and residential installations. The reinstatement was part of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018.  HOW IT
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