Altergy Commits to Continued Manufacturing in California

While others leave, Altergy thrives in California’s innovative technology culture

altergy-manufacturingFolsom, CA – Altergy Systems, the global fuel cell leader in reliable backup power for telecommuniations and critical power applications, has committed to another long term lease for their 35,000 square foot facility in Folsom, Calif., just outside of the state’s capital of Sacramento.

“We are staying in California because the Silicon Valley-area is the clear leader in innovation and technology. California is driving the renewable energy industry forward, and Altergy is supporting that effort as one of the leading hydrogen fuel cell manufacturers in the world,” Eric Mettler, President and CEO of Altergy Systems, said.

“Our manufacturing team has been able to source a majority of its parts and components in the United States, often in California, and these products are cost competitive with parts we are seeing from China.”  Mettler said. “Altergy’s superior engineering allows us to design low cost parts we can source largely in this state. The availability of local components combined with our unique design drives the cost of our fuel cells down, and reliability up, which allows us to compete regardless of volume.”

California remains at the forefront of fuel cell energy deployment and the progress made in the state is driving fuel cell acceptance and demand around the globe. According to the California Fuel Cell Partnership, hydrogen filling stations in various stages of deployment have reached almost 50 statewide, more than any other state in the country. This growing implementation of fuel cell technologies further drives the value Altergy sees in California-based manufacturing.

More than half of Altergy’s employees have been with the company five years or more, with many of them more than 10. This loyalty translates directly to Altergy’s customer base with in-depth product, industry and technical knowledge supporting the growing demand for cleaner energy. Altergy’s highly trained workforce is a resource for clients across the United States providing alternative, modern power solutions to expensive batteries and dirty diesel generators. Unlike hand-built fuel cells from other makers, Altergy manufactures a fuel cell about every 30 seconds on the world’s first and only automated, robotic fuel cell assembly line.

About Altergy

Altergy Systems®, the global leader in reliable backup power solutions for telecom and critical power applications, delivers proven fuel cell technology that provides on-demand power for extended runtimes with zero emissions. Altergy Freedom Power™ fuel cells have logged more than 32 million hours of runtime, provided uninterrupted power during hurricanes, earthquakes, and severe storms where legacy systems have failed, and have replaced batteries and generators in more than 8.3 million watts of applications. For more information visit

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