Altergy Delivers Another High Reliability Back Up Power System for Public Safety

Altergy Fuel Cells Replace Diesel Generators at FDNY

September 10, 2018, Folsom, CA – 

Partnering with Motorola Solutions, Altergy’s Freedom Power fuel cell solutions have been deployed at Fire Department, New York (FDNY) sites supporting public safety organizations with highly reliable backup power.  These modern, clean power generation solutions replaced FDNY’s aging diesel generators providing first responders the constant, resilient power needed to maintain communications and public safety when the grid fails.

“Our solution has been put to the test time and time again during power outages across the country.  We support 99.999% reliability, and do it without emissions,” stated Eric Mettler, Altergy’s President and CEO.  “We are proud to deliver a more intelligent, reliable solution to support public safety agencies who need it the most.”

Altergy’s Freedom Power Public Safety Platform (PSP) is the only fully integrated fuel cell solution on the market today specifically designed for public safety applications like FirstNet.  With higher reliability, longer runtimes, lower Capex costs, lower ongoing maintenance costs, and lower total cost of ownership than batteries and generators, Altergy fuel cells are the most reliable, scalable and cost-effective backup solution available today.