Altergy Freedom Power™ Fuel Cells Delivered Most Reliable Backup Power to Caribbean during Hurricane Joaquin

Altergy Further Supports the Region with Donation to Rebuild

November 2, 2015, Folsom, CA – Hurricane Joaquin delivered a devastating punch to the Caribbean last month, where Altergy fuel cells proved to be the most reliable backup power as compared to other legacy systems.  The category 4 hurricane with sustained 130 mph winds and storm surges were no match for Altergy’s backup power systems, which ran continuously until local power was restored.

Earlier this year, Altergy deployed 5kW fuel cell systems replacing batteries as the backup power source for multiple sites.  The Altergy fuel cell systems utilize a methanol reformer to provide hydrogen fuel for the fuel cell and deliver more than 100 hours of backup power runtime in a single fuel fill up.

Island Alternative Power Solutions (IAPS), who provides service and support to the tower sites in the Caribbean, praised the performance of Altergy’s fuel cells.  “In the most extreme conditions, Altergy fuel cells provided the most reliable, continuous backup power during Hurricane Joaquin while other solutions we service (i.e. batteries and generators) had multiple outages,” noted Rey Smith, CEO, IAPS.

Altergy Freedom Power™ fuel cell solutions are becoming the new standard in telecom backup power replacing batteries and generators in a variety of applications worldwide.  They provide green power at the point of use, while providing high reliability, long runtime, a small footprint, low weight, long life, low maintenance, and low noise.  Most importantly, they offer the lowest up front capital cost and lowest total cost of ownership over traditional back up power solutions.

“We are 100% confident that Altergy fuel cells are the most reliable backup power solution available,” stated Andrea Laughlin, Director of Marketing at Altergy Systems.  “The importance of uninterrupted power during these storms is critical to telecom network reliability.  Other systems consistently fail.  Batteries and generators are old technology and do not provide the level of support customers need in these modern times where continuous communications is critical.”

To aid with relief, Altergy’s Freedom Power Foundation is making a donation to the local Red Cross to help rebuild.

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