Altergy Launches New Website to Better Showcase Advanced Fuel Cell Technology

press-release-04062016-featureFolsom, CA – Altergy Systems, the global leader in reliable backup power solutions, launched its new website (, reflecting its commitment to and expansion of clean energy backup power for telecom and critical power applications. As a leader in the fuel cell industry, Altergy develops innovative and streamlined products and processes and their website is no exception.

The launch of the redesigned website is not unexpected for this global hydrogen fuel cell leader. Reliable, efficient, and more than green, Altergy stands on the cusp of the future of sustainable clean energy. The website is now more reflective of the company’s advanced products and service ability and will continue to be updated alongside future product growth and expansion.

Not only has the company changed the way users access the website, Altergy is changing the way the world gets its power. “In our increasingly connected world, power is the enabler. We see a critical and growing demand for reliable backup power that can ensure our most important technology – the technology that keeps us safe, connected and productive – never fails,” Altergy President and CEO, Eric Mettler said.

Altergy has revolutionized fuel cell design, and is the first and only company of its kind to cost-effectively mass produce industrial-strength fuel cells. As the leader in telecommunication backup power, Altergy is now also addressing critical power needs in additional industries to include:  Cable, Data Centers, Emergency Response, Military and Homeland Security, Residential and Traffic/Railroad/Signaling.

Altergy’s online accessibility, production process, and growing product line means a better offering for their customers. Mr. Mettler considers the company’s product design and assembly process, as compared to hand built fuel cells still made by many competitors, as an important leap forward in the commercialization and worldwide deployment of fuel cells as a reliable and clean power generation alternative. “These California-built fuel cells are already providing distributed power generation to customers around the world, and Altergy’s manufacturing line ensures our capacity and our ability to meet growing customer demand,” Mr. Mettler said. “We invite you to visit our new website to see how Altergy’s Freedom Power™ Technology can help you stay connected.”

For many reasons, Altergy Systems is leading the fuel cell revolution. The energy source for now and the future, Altergy’s unique Freedom Power™ products provide freedom from batteries, generators, pollution, noise, and the grid. They are the global leader in the design, manufacturing, sales, marketing and deployment of fuel cell-based clean power systems for telecom and other critical power applications. Visit for more information.