Company Overview

robotAltergy designs and manufactures the Freedom Power™ Series of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell power systems. These compact, rugged, high efficiency systems produce power at the point of use — making reliable, distributed power generation a reality. They provide Freedom from the grid, Freedom from oil, Freedom from batteries/generators, and Freedom from pollution.

Fuel cells produce power by converting hydrogen into electricity. The supply of hydrogen is abundant, and virtually inexhaustible. The process is inherently efficient and environmentally clean. There is no combustion and water is the only by-product. Fuel cells are ideal replacements for existing power generation solutions.

Altergy is the first company to successfully design, mass produce and commercially deploy rugged, low cost fuel cells. With its patented, breakthrough technology, Altergy cost-effectively manufactures a fuel cell about every 30 seconds on the world’s first and only automated, robotic fuel cell assembly line. Altergy advantage

Telecommunications, emergency response, data centers, and other mission-critical applications benefit greatly from the uninterrupted, on-demand power made possible by Altergy’s innovative fuel cell systems. Motive power, peak shaving/demand management and residential applications will soon benefit as well from the use of Altergy’s innovative fuel cell systems.

Altergy is a global leader in the telecom/critical infrastructure market where its products deliver an equivalent initial CAPEX and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when compared to batteries or generators, the incumbent telecom backup power solutions. As the chart shows, the typical cost of ownership for a generator is 18% higher than Altergy’s fuel cells, while the cost of batteries are as much as 89% higher.

Generators and Batteries