CPUC Directive

FOLSOM, California, July 20, 2020 – Today the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued an order to wireless telecom carriers to maintain power to their communication networks to support operation during power outages, including public safety shutdowns and natural disasters.  The CPUC decision now requires wireless telecom carriers to adopt a 72-hour minimum service coverage requirement during grid outages or disasters, directs wireless carriers to submit annual emergency operations plans, and requires the transition away from diesel back-up generators to clean energy backup sources. 

Altergy’s modular fuel cell platforms provide that alternative.  They produce clean, (non-combustion) reliable and quiet power, anytime, anywhere for telecommunications, cable, traffic signals, railroad crossing signals and other mission critical applications. 

About Altergy

Altergy’s is a leading provider of clean, reliable, fuel cell-based, backup power products serving the telecomcablePublic SafetyMilitary, Homeland SecurityEMP/Utility, and residential markets. As the modern, clean power source for now and the future, Altergy’s unique Freedom Power™ products provide freedom from batteries, generators, pollution, noise and the grid. Please visit www.altergy.com for more information.

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