Telcom backup power solutions

Uninterruptible power is critical to maintaining a reliable communications infrastructure.  Power disturbances (outages, sags, swells) are the most common cause of communications downtime. Customers seeking modern, reliable, affordable backup power solutions that compliment and support their advanced telecom or mission critical networks need to look no further than Altergy’s field proven, Freedom Power™ Systems.

Altergy’s fuel cell based Freedom Power™ Systems have been reliably and cost effectively replacing batteries and generators in mission critical applications such as telecom switching sites, wireless cell towers, digital loop carriers, DAS, backhaul, CATV repeaters, and emergency response, around the globe.  These clean and green, CARB* certified, zero emission power generators delivery the power quality, reliability, and on-demand standby and ride-through capabilities required for essential 24/7 operations.

With approximately 4.4 megawatts in completed deployments and more than 20 megawatts in active deployments, Altergy is the new standard in backup power.

Freedom Power™ Systems provide an excellent alternative to batteries and generators.  These modular systems can be deployed in 5 to 100kW systems, and are available with all weather, outdoor enclosures, along with fuel storage, communications, monitoring, installation, commissioning, service, fuel replenishment and more.  They eliminate the need for frequent replacements of batteries caused by internal failures, short life, temperature sensitivity, conditioning requirements and alleviate the space/weight limitations, while providing the extended runtime benefits of generators without the associated reliability, maintenance, space/setback issues and environmental problems generators are known for.

Not only does this solution provide for a equivalent, initial CAPEX when compared to battery systems and generators, it has the lowest total cost of ownership, is more reliable, less costly to maintain, and it has a much smaller footprint/envelope than competing solutions. As the scorecard below indicates, Altergy is differentiated from batteries and generators, and other fuel cell solutions in many important ways.

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