The Unique Altergy Advantage

Fuel cells have many advantages over other forms of power generation, but they must be cost competitive with existing power generating sources and available in large quantities to be commercially viable.

Altergy’s Freedom Power™ Systems are the first truly commercially viable fuel cell solution. This unique status is the result of several differentiating characteristics:

Lower cost – Altergy’s innovative product design reduces critical component costs by more than 80%, enabling fuel cell pricing that is competitive with traditional power sources. In addition, the use of low-cost materials and automated manufacturing processes reduce production cost per unit. Combined, these factors enable Altergy’s Freedom Power™ Systems to be cost competitive with existing power sources.

Smaller footprint – Altergy’s products are heralded as having the smallest footprint of any existing PEM-based fuel cell product in today’s marketplace. With space a premium in many application environments, the more compact Altergy system works where other fuel cell systems, batteries and generators cannot.

More rugged, more durable – fragile components typically used in competitors’ fuel cells, such as graphite plates, have been replaced in Altergy’s design by rugged, highly durable components that withstand the severe environment experienced in industrial use; and

Capable of being mass produced – Freedom Power™ products are designed from the outset to be produced in high volumes using low cost, off-the-shelf materials; stamped and molded fabrication; established high volume manufacturing processes; and standard, robotic automated assembly equipment.

Only fuel cell system in mass production – Altergy produces its Freedom Power™ Systems using the world’s first and only automated, high volume, fuel cell fabrication and assembly line.  This assembly line is capable of producing a fuel cell about every 30 seconds.

Modular subassemblies that assure fast assembly time – Altergy’s advanced Freedom Power™ System (FPS) Engine has designed-in modularity, and the use of pretested subassemblies allows Altergy to assemble and test an entire FCE in minutes.
As a result of these unique characteristics, Altergy is Changing the Way the World Gets its Power ~ one system or hundreds of systems, at a time.