Quiet Power On Location, On Demand

Altergy’s mobile hydrogen fuel cell solutions give you clean, reliable power … on demand
and on wheels so you can take it wherever you need to go! Altergy’s Freedom Power technology has been combined with a light trailer body and convenient fuel storage to deliver quiet illumination, extended runtimes and zero-emission performance.

Altergy’s proven fuel cells can power lights and communications systems while operating at a barely audible hum. Our light trailers illuminate work sites more efficiently than diesel or batteries, and workers can concentrate and talk to each other without having to yell over loud generators.

With no emissions and almost no noise, Altergy fuels cell solutions are perfect for replacing generators in light trailers, remote camera monitoring locations, and dozens of homeland security applications. Altergy mobile power solutions have provided:

  • Lighting for NASA space shuttle launches
  • Airports tarmac task lighting
  • Power and lighting for construction sites and highway check points
  • Safety lighting for chain control stations
  • Lighting for hit TV series and the Academy Awards
  • Power and lighting for emergency and disaster response teams

Altergy’s compact fuel cells easily expand beyond light trailers, and have been deployed as Cells-on-Wheels (COWS) and Systems-on-Wheels (SOWS) to power disaster response command centers and other security and safety facilities. Altergy’s mobile power solutions provide plenty of power to keep robust equipment running for long periods of time.

Standby Diesel Power Generator

Altergy Freedom Power Light Trailer

Academy Awards Setup

Academy Awards Setup

Lights On Standby Diesel Power Generator

Super Bowl City Event Lighting

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