Proven, Sustainable, Cost Effective

Now you can replace dirty generators and unreliable batteries with clean power proven around the world. Freedom Power solutions are smaller, more flexible and less expensive than legacy power options, with zero-emission performance that is all about sustainability.

Altergy’s Freedom Power fuel cells protect critical applications and communications networks worldwide, and have:

  • Powered through earthquakes
  • Withstood Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy
  • Outlasted ice storms

We understand 99.999% is a given. Let us show you how clean is better.It starts with lower costs and longer runtimes.

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Backup Power for Rail Networks
Better Backup
Power for Modern
Rail Networks
Clean, Affordable Power Reimagined
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Clean, Affordable Power Reimagined
Clean, Affordable Power Re-imagined
Railroads With Modern, Intelligent Backup Power
Keep Railroads Safe
With Modern, Intelligent Backup Power
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Batteries vs Generators vs Fuel-Cells
Railroads Across the Country Rely On Altergy’s Fuel Cells
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