Proven, Sustainable, Cost effective

Now you can replace diesel generators and limited-runtime batteries with clean power proven around the world. Freedom Power solutions are compact and lightweight to give network managers maximum flexibility, and offer zero-emission performance that is all about sustainability.

Freedom Power fuel cells provide easy 24-hour runtime. Today. With solutions that install fast, scale to accommodate growth, and have:

  • Withstood Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy
  • Powered through earthquakes
  • Outlasted ice storms

We understand 99.999% (FirstNet Ready!) is a given. Let us show you how clean is better.

It starts with lower costs and longer runtimes.

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Telco Networks
Better Backup
Power for Modern
Telco Networks
Telco Towers
Reliable, Clean Power
With a Proven Fuel Cell Power System.
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Batteries vs Generators vs Fuel-Cells
Save thousands of dollars switching from batteries and generators to fuel cells
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