Technology and expertise combine to drive strategic growth

Altergy is the global leader in reliable backup power solutions for telecom and critical power applications, and delivers proven fuel cell technology that provides on-demand power for extended runtimes with zero emissions. Altergy hydrogen fuel cells have stood up to some of the most extreme weather conditions on earth and provided quality power where legacy systems have failed.

As companies struggle to maintain profitability and look for ways to project a green image, total cost of ownership for backup power solutions is coming under greater scrutiny and alternatives that offer immediate savings and improved environmental performance are gaining favor. Increasingly, telecommunications companies and data centers are adopting clean energy backup power solutions to protect network availability during grid failure-related outages and provide continuous, on-demand power over extended runtimes.

Whereas conventional fuel cells rely on fragile components, expensive materials, and manual assembly, Altergy fuel cells use rugged, commonly available materials and an automated assembly process. Created from a fundamentally different approach, Freedom Power technology overcomes the challenges of flat-plate (graphite and others) designs that have limited commercial fuel cell deployment to deliver highly durable, energy-efficient fuel cells that reliably and cost efficiently batteries and generators.

Altergy has developed advanced Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology that can provide uninterrupted power at the source, and do so with zero emissions and a significantly lower total cost of ownership than the status quo. Altergy has broken through technology barriers to mass-produce industrial-strength fuel cells that generate zero emissions, feature a compact footprint, and have demonstrated their reliability in hurricane and earthquake conditions.

Hydrogen power applications are being advanced in aerospace, automotive, and other sectors, and new technologies are accelerating the emergence of fuel cells as the clean energy power source of choice. Advances in catalyst technology, molecular polymer science, mechanical and system design, and automated assembly systems have driven the cost of fuel cells down, while hydrogen’s increased availability and well-documented safety record have helped demonstrate the reliability of modern PEM fuel cells in real-world deployments. These trends all bode well for Altergy’s future.

Altergy has assembled an expert leadership team to guide the continued development and deployment of its revolutionary technology, and has identified significant growth opportunities in the markets it currently serves as well as markets it has yet to penetrate. The demand for reliable, clean, on-demand backup power is growing, and Altergy is well positioned the meet demand.

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