The Most Cost-Effective Backup Power Available Runs Clean

The Altergy FPS:
The unquestioned workhorse and durability leader
Altergy’s FPS is the original breakthrough clean backup power solution, and has provided critical power to telecom operations, emergency response, and military applications for more than a decade. The FPS features Altergy’s revolutionary Freedom Power Technology design and stainless steel construction, and delivers power conditioning and regulation capabilities that increase efficiency and keep electricity flowing to meet demand.


The Altergy Nacelle:
Super compact for extreme deployment flexibility

Altergy’s Nacelle is the most compact, lightweight, and durable fuel cell backup power system available. Ideal for rooftop installation and space-constrained high-density urban centers, the Nacelle can be deployed almost anywhere and provides extended runtimes with minimal maintenance effort. Altergy’s Nacelle dramatically reduces the footprint, weight, and cost of backup power.  It consists of an Altergy FPS engine featuring Freedom Power Technology and an integrated all weather enclosure.  The Nacelle can be cabinet mounted, shelter mounted, wall mounted, door mounted, or pole mounted.

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Altergy Fuel Cell Features
  • Lower Initial Cost – Altergy’s patented design reduces critical component costs by more than 80%, which reduces capital expenditure significantly compared to batteries or generators
  • Lower Total Cost – Altergy fuel cells feature rugged components and no moving parts in the cell stack, leading to lower maintenance costs and lower total cost of ownership
  • Clean Performance – Altergy fuel cells are certified by the California Air Resources Board as zero emission power generators
  • Proven Durability – Altergy replaces graphite and fragile components used in conventional fuel cells with stainless steel and highly durable components able to withstand severe environments
  • Compact Footprint – Altergy fuel cells take up less space than traditional fuel cells, batteries, or generators, providing greater deployment flexibility
  • Lightweight Construction – Revolutionary design and construction make Altergy fuel cells ideal for rooftop installations
  • Quiet Operation – With no moving parts and no internal combustion, Altergy fuel cells operate at a barely audible hum
  • Scalable – Plug-and-play feature allows scalability for applications from watts to megawatts
  • Fast Start-Up – Altergy fuel cells start up in about 10 seconds
  • Easy Maintenance – The primary maintenance is replacing air filters once a year
  • Simple Installation – Altergy fuel cells reduce backup power installation from days to a few hours
  • Long Life – Altergy fuel cells have a design life of more than 20 years


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