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Altergy is proud to support our military and government workers with reliable power and timely information.

The technology you deploy — and how you deploy it — are important considerations in the private sector. But the stakes are much higher for federal agencies, where accurate, secure, real-time information protects our citizens, our soldiers and our national interests.

Altergy works with many branches of the U.S. government, federal and local agencies with network infrastructure solutions, security, and monitoring that securely support and modernize critical systems. While each branch has a unique mission, mandates and standards, they share common challenges when it comes to security, communications, grid reliability, capacity and coverage issues, budget constraints, and rising energy costs. They also appreciate Altergy’s extremely quiet performance – our fuel cells don’t alert perpetrators that something is being monitored or powered the way diesel generators can.

Altergy’s Freedom Power fuel cell solutions use hydrogen powered fuel cells to backup network sites. Unlike diesel generators that consume fossil fuels and emit carbon dioxide, the only by-products of hydrogen fuel cells are heat and water. The proton exchange membrane hydrogen fuel cells are housed inside environmentally secure enclosures for outdoor deployment, and offer a smaller footprint and more dense power backup than other solutions currently available on the market today.

Altergy supports mission-critical government communications for more modern, stronger networks and security.

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