Patrick Pelch
Patrick Pelch
Sales and Business Development

“I have a passion for clean energy, especially that derived from hydrogen. Regardless of the flavor of hydrogen you choose (gray, blue, green) for the resource, hydrogen powered fuel cells facilitate 100% reduction in greenhouse gases emissions when compared to combustion generators. Altergy’s Freedom Power fuel cells help achieve sustainability and good stewardship toward our environment and zero-emission energy independence.”

Patrick has been engineering & designing fuel cell systems and optimized hydrogen storage concepts for over 13 years. The industries he has worked with include backup power for telecom, cable operations, data centers, traffic lights, and several other critical application industries. As a Sales Engineer, Patrick has provided exemplary customer support and successful fuel cell solutions to Altergy customers.

With a BSME degree from Fresno State University, he has experience in several industries that span power generation, fuel storage and energy efficiency, with the bulk of experience in system balance-of-plant modular concepts in the fuel cell industry. This has given him a keen edge on what Altergy can do to optimize projects for its clients.

Patrick can be reached at (916) 798-3767 or

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