Hydrogen Gas Generators Offers Fuel Flexibility, Power Consistency

For remote locations where hydrogen gas may be difficult to source, Altergy offers an integrated hydrogen gas generator to generate on-site hydrogen to sustain extended fuel cell operation.

With a methanol reformer seamlessly integrated into the fuel cell system, sites with remote operations can simplify fuel logistics and enjoy reliable backup power over extended runtimes and benefit from Altergy’s reliability and compact footprint solutions.

Altergy’s Freedom Power System EX (FPS-EX)

  • Generates hydrogen gas at point of use
  • Fuel flexibility where commercial hydrogen delivery availability is limited
  • Extended runtime up to 100 hours
  • Eliminate well known issues with batteries and generators
  • Simple, low-cost maintenance
  • Zero-emission fuel cell certification supports sustainability initiatives
  • Reduce theft of batteries, generators and fuel
  • Made in USA

Altergy Freedom Power System EX (FPS-EX)


Rated Standby Power

5 kW

Nominal Current



Rated (VDC)


Input Power

48V Nominal

246W (standby)


Dimensions (W x D x H)

48 x 42 x 53 in. / 122 x 107 x 135 cm


876 lbs. / 397kg



Type and Grade

Methanol-water mix reformed into gaseous hydrogen

Tank Size

100 Gallons / 378 liters

Consumption (Liters Per Hour)

1-1.4 liters / hr / kWh



Ambient Temperature

–20°C to 46°C (GR1293)*

Relative Humidity

5% to 95% non-condensing


Outdoor Use Only


-200 to 10,000 feet


Control Electronics

Monitoring Software

Real time control communications with GUI to provide system and site status and allow user input of operating parameters. Field upgrades through communication port.

I/O Interfaces

RS-232, RS-485 and ethernet supported. User-defined dry contacts. Optional wireless monitoring.



<60dBA @ 7 meters

Fuel Cell Engine Safety / Certification / Compliance**

CSA / ANSI FC 1-2014 (fuel cell) and CSA / ANSI FC 5-2017 (reformer), FCC 47CFR Part 15, Subpart B, Class A


Why Choose Altergy’s Hydrogen Gas Generator FPS-EX Fuel Cell System vs. Diesel Generators?

Efficient & Reliable:

  • Extended runtime up to months of operation
  • Applications available in remote, hard to reach locations
  • Direct DC power output
  • No need to over-size capacity for load transients
  • Easier and less costly to permit

Clean & Sustainable:

  • Hydrogen is the perfect zero Carbon Fuel
  • Near zero emissions
  • No engine oil oxidation, bore glazing or black smoke
  • Quiet operation

Better Fuel:

  • Hydrogen is a zero carbon, spoiless fuel
  • Diesel storage shelf life 28 days vs. unlimited with Methanol
  • No fuel mold microbe contamination or additives required
  • Less flammable than gas
  • Cold weather reliability (-70 degrees C)
  • No cold weather fuel gelling

Cost Effective:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Eliminates fuel theft
  • Simpler maintenance and operations
  • US investment tax credit available

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