Revolutionary Design, Revolutionary Reliability

Altergy has broken through traditional technology barriers to deliver the most cost-effective and reliable backup power solutions available. Altergy’s zero-emission proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells deliver the quality on-demand power and ride-through capabilities required for telecommunications, broadband, data centers, traffic signaling, homeland security, and other essential 24/7 operations.


Altergy fuel cells have provided on-demand, uninterrupted power during hurricanes, earthquakes, and severe storms where legacy systems have failed. With more than 8.3 million watts delivered and 32 million operational hours logged, long-lasting Altergy fuel cells can stand up to the most demanding weather conditions on earth.


Trusted by the military and homeland security as well as leaders in telecom, critical infrastructure, and emergency response, Altergy fuel cells provide reliable power for extended runtimes. With rugged stainless steel construction and simple maintenance routines, Altergy fuel cells are far less susceptible to inclement weather and temperature extremes than legacy technologies.

Lowest Cost

Altergy fuel cells have lower initial costs than batteries and diesel generators, and can reduce the total cost of ownership for your backup power solution by up to 50 percent over a ten-year period compared to legacy technologies. With a compact footprint that can increase deployment flexibility and reduce pad-lease costs, Altergy fuel cells offer short- and long-term savings.

Designed to perform in temperatures from -40°F to 120°F and with no moving parts, Altergy’s backup power solutions are far less susceptible to inclement weather than legacy technologies.



Proven in the Most Severe Weather Conditions on Earth

While natural disasters periodically knock out grid power, all sites powered by Altergy’s Freedom Power technology experienced uninterrupted, continuous power during severe storms including:

icon-whirl      2015 Hurricane Joaquin
icon-bolt  2014 Napa Valley earthquake
icon-whirl      2012 Hurricane Sandy
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