Telcordia Releases GR-1293 – Requirements for Standby Engine-Generator Systems Including Fuel Cells

Altergy is pleased to announce the release of General Requirements 1293 (GR-1293), Issue 1, Generic Requirements for Permanent AC & DC Backup Generators Including Fuel Cells for Remote Electronic Sites.


Telcordia’s Generic Requirements documents on telecommunications equipment, systems, and services are developed with industry participation, making them timely, high-quality, vendor-neutral technical specifications that are valuable to suppliers and service providers.


As a participant in the creation of GR-1293, Altergy worked with AT&T, CenturyLink, Ericsson, Telcordia-NIS and Verizon.


“This new document establishes important criteria for critical backup generators protecting our telecommunications infrastructure” stated David Milas, Senior Product & Process Engineer for Altergy, “we worked together to address the critical requirements for assuring these most important devices are ready to serve when we need them the most.”


GR-1293 is now available on Telcordia’s website –